Welcome to The Waben Group

At The Waben Group we get right to work for you and your organization. We understand that we need to bring value and we need to bring it fast. We believe in helping our clients take action and delivering tangible results as quickly as possible.

We believe that most traditional consulting arrangements result in a misalignment of interests. The client has a problem that they need solved. The consultant, who bills by the hour, wants to bill as many hours as possible.

We think there is a better way. The Waben Group’s Value Based Fee Structure. Unlike traditional consulting organizations, we obtain the majority of our compensation based upon our performance. This ensures our firms interests are aligned with those of our clients.

This creates a partnership that engages us in an effective and mutually beneficial manner. If we don’t succeed in achieving the value propositions agreed upon with a client, we don’t receive the financial reward.

We eliminate the self-serving conflict of interest between billable hours and your bottom line. Our clients need quick results. In fact, the faster we can bring those results, the more value we bring a client. The traditional approach of billing by the hour creates an ethical conflict with the client where the consultants are best served by taking more time to accomplish goals.

We sit down with our clients and discuss our fee structure by focusing on: 1) objectives of our engagement, 2) measures of our success, and 3) value that will be brought upon success.

At The Waben Group, we don’t even call ourselves consultants. We call ourselves Value Producers.

Because we only take on projects that we know we can provide value to a client, we are selective in our project scope and industry focus.


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